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Advanced Technology Specifically Engineered for the Portable Diesel Light Tower

Unmatched performance in the diesel/hybrid light tower industry. EEL Tower is a hybrid system that will provide significant savings on fuel consumption, maintenance, and labor, with limited wear & tear on the unit’s engine and power system. The EEL Tower uses the proprietary Triad Pro eCell, a patented energy storage device that operates on a 1:4 ratio during a 5-hour cycle. The unit’s generator will turn on for one hour to run the lights and charge the eCell. When the eCell is fully charged, the generator will automatically power down while switching over to eCell mode, and continue to operate the light tower exclusively and independently, without interruption for approximately 4 hours. When the eCell energy level drops below a pre-set voltage, the generator will automatically turn on for approximately one hour to continue running the lights and recharge the eCell.