Polar is proud to offer our own line of heating products. In Alberta’s harsh climate, keeping yourself and your equipment warm shouldn’t be something to worry about. With Polar’s line of Diesel Fired and AC Electric circulating block heaters you can make cold starts a thing of the past. We also have our own line of diesel fired air heaters, perfect for mobile work sites, trailers and sleepers.

Model: P2

16,000BTU Portable Diesel Air Heater

The Polar Heat Portable Air Heater has both, the fuel tank and heater in the one same casing. It is an easy to carry, easy hook up, all in one portable unit for a large variety of applications. One unit that can be pulled out and installed within a couple minutes in a utility trailer, RV, Truck Body, Tent, and much more.

The P2 Portable Heater comes with a built in, 5 Liter fuel tank, providing a 10-24 hour run time, depending on the ambient temperature and duty cycle. A sight glass is located on the side of the unit to ensure the operator is aware when the fuel level becomes low.

With the good-looking appearance and compact design, the Polar Heat P2 Portable Air Heater makes lower noise when working, allowing you to sleep as comfortable as at home. The P2 will automatically switch between two power display options, 12VDC, and 120VAC, making it the perfect heater for any situation.

The P2 also comes with a dual USB interface, which can connect to all kinds of electronic devices for charging.

Installation is as simple as routing the units exhaust outdoors, through a floor or wall, and simply hooking up to a power source.

  • 5KW/16,000BTU
  • 12V & 120V Ready
  • 5L Diesel Fuel Tank
  • Built in Adjustable Thermostat
  • Lockable Fuel Cap
  • Key FOB for Remote Starting and Stopping

Model: V2

16,000BTU Diesel Air Heater Kit

Polar Heat V2 Diesel Air Heater comes with a specifically designed combustion chamber and heat exchanger system. The 2025 stainless steel burner with an 8-year life span, uses precise air and fuel flow to ensure virtually no soot.

Polar Heat V2 Diesel Air Heater is a cost-effective and thermally efficient heater that fits perfectly in trailers, enclosures, vehicle cabs, off road vehicles, and much more. Providing dry, odorless heat while maintaining a quiet and fog free operation.

With a robust control system, the Polar Heat V2 Diesel Air Heater performs automatic system safety diagnostics. This reduces possible maintenance cost and unnecessary downtime.

The V2 Diesel Air Heater comes equipped with a manual or automatically controlled temperature control system. This allows the operator to control fan speed and temperature manually, or set a desired temperature and allow the V2 to automatically maintain it, using the control panels integral thermostat.

  • 5KW/16,000BTU
  • 12V
  • Stainless Enclosure
  • Full Installation Kit
  • Remote Thermostat
  • Controller with Built in Adjustable Thermostat

Model: C1

17,000BTU Diesel Fired Circulating Coolant Heater

Diesel Engines can be extremely difficult to start in colder climates. Even if the engine can be started, this forced start will increase the engine wear and shorten the service life of the engine.

The Polar Heat C1 Diesel Fired Coolant Heater, provides 5KW of heating power to produce 17,000BTU of heat. Bringing your engine up to operating temperature before starting, and drastically increasing the engines lifespan.

The C1 is operational in temperatures as low as –50 Degrees Celsius and maintains a coolant temperature of +60 to 80 Degrees Celsius. The compact unit is thermostatically controlled to stop heating, but continue to circulate when the temperature reaches 80 Degrees Celsius, and fire back up when the temperature drops below 60 Degrees Celsius.

The Polar Heat C1 has two control methods to start. The first one is a manual start and the other one is the remote start. 

The C1’s combustion chamber is made of 2520 stainless steel, so it can handle temperatures over 1200 Degrees Celsius. The unique chamber design results in minimal noise compared to similar models of heaters on the market.

  • 17,000BTU
  • 12V
  • Full Installation Kit
  • Programmable Timer
  • Key FOB for Remote Starting and Stopping

Model: P3

1500W 120V Circulating Coolant Heater

Combining the efficient inbuilt pump system and copper heating tube, the Polar Heat P3 Engine Heater is specially designed for rapid engine warm up.

The Polar Heat P3 Engine Heater has a compact, easy to install and ergonomic design with an aluminum casing. With an integrated ceramic thermostat control, the P3 provides uniform engine heat, reducing engine wear from cold starting.

The Polar Heat P3 is a circulating block engine heater with a pump for a soot-free operation and efficient operation. It is a maintenance free engine heater that reduces engine and battery wear while ensuring seamless engine starting during cold weather.

Available in 2 different temperature configurations, 140 Degrees Fahrenheit (used in common vehicles) and 180 Degrees Fahrenheit (used in race cars and motorsports applications), the P3 is perfect for any small engine heating application.

  • 140OF or 180OF
  • 120V

Model: A1

14,600BTU UTV Cab Heater

The Polar Heat UTV Aux Cab Heater is a powerful and versatile heater that can be used in a variety of applications. It is ideal for use in UTV’s, Argo’s, Liquid Cooled Boats, and a Variety of other applications.

The UTV cab heater is made of high quality materials and is designed for long lasting use. It also features a variety of settings so you can find the perfect level of warmth for your needs.

This cab heater is also very easy to install, so you can be up and running in no time.

The Polar Heat UTV Cab Heater has a heater core made up of copper tubes and aluminum fins. The copper tube has a fast heat dissipation function and allows more coolant heat to be distributed to the interior of the cabin. Combined with the aluminum radiator fins, this provides sufficient temperature for the cabin.

  • 14,600BTU
  • 12V
  • Copper / Aluminum Heat Exchanger

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